One-time testing task

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    In-depth review and decomposition a functionality of your software product. Preparing the testing time estimation.
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    Development the required test documentation, aligning the list of devices and environments, establishing the testing and acceptance criteria.
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    Performing testing, analysing the results, bug-tracking, creating the detailed testing report. Regression testing.

Dedicated testing team

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    The selection of a relevant QA engineer(s). Conducting a review(s). Candidate(s) approval. Common review of the functionality of the software product, running demos.
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    Aligning the responsibilities and tools set. Development test documentation, full website functionality testing. Bug-tracking.
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    Taking active part in the development process on a constant basis. Bug-tracking. Regression testing.

Our testing methods:

First of all we reach the high level of communication among the team, that allows us to stay on the same page with managers, savvy developers and even newcomers on different positions that have been just onboarded or involved recently to the team.
On this point:
– we create as much more explicit bug reports as they could be (making accessible and concise description with the steps to reproduce, indicating URLs/environments, credentials, used test accounts, products, customers, etc.);
– all our team players have a clear vision and deep understanding of branch tree flow;
– based on our experience we precisely know on which department the specific issue should be addressed (frontend/backend).

We may also contribute to the processes efficiency advising in building and adapting QA processes for dev teams.

Additionally, we implement testing from the initial states of software delopment (incl. planning and design) with the purpose to determine the gaps and contradictions in software requirements specifications, generating better UX solutions as well, thus saving your time and resources.

Our QA tools kit

During the testing different types of software product on the variety of devices and environments, we leverage versatile set of tools and 3rd party extensions, that allows us to succeed and become an undivided part in any software development team.