Our Healthcare Takeover

Reactive Hive is mainly engaged in testing medical mobile apps that targeted on the consumer side are often more focused on the user’s daily life, assisting them in maintaining an exact course of treatment or supporting a healthy lifestyle. These types of apps may perform various calculations (e.g. calories consumption), provide to-do lists for proper care, or send out scheduled reminders to maintain a healthy way of living. Many consumer-focused medical mobile apps are affordable or free to use, contributing to their rapid spread around the world.


Key areas

  • strength-icon-4

    Fitness-focused apps

    Modern mobile apps tend to use sensors to track physical indexes and are able to synchronize the data eventually display it in an easy-to-understand, actionable manner.

  • mental

    Mental health apps

    Health mobile applications are tailored to treat different mental illnesses, which tend to offer different resources making therapeutic techniques cost-effective and portable.

  • healthy-eating

    Health diet apps

    These ones help users plan healthy meals, create diet plans, share healthy food recipes and offer barcode scanners. All healthy diet apps undoubtedly featured by the calorie counter.

  • womens

    Women’s health apps

    Offer more advanced tracking features, including focusing on physical and emotional states. Some connect to informational resources about women’s sexual health, etc.

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