Online Booking System Takeover

Ten to fifteen years ago, customers had to show up at a travel agency or make a phone call in order to book flights and hotel stays. Nowadays, most travel arrangements are made online and service providers in all industries have recognised the advantages of hassle-free online reservations. After all, the ability to book services online doesn’t only benefit businesses, but also customers. The need for a reliable online booking software is therefore steadily increasing. An online booking-system allows customers to schedule their next appointment at the barber’s, make a reservation at their favourite restaurant, or book a canoe ride – and all that, comfortably from their personal computer or smartphone.

Meanwhile, each industry has its own requirements when it comes to the right booking software. Example: Businesses that provide mountain bike tours offer tickets for fixed dates only. Therefore, a calendar containing the available dates within a fixed schedule is an essential feature within their specific booking tool. However, landlords offering vacation homes only need a calendar that indicates the time period in which the offered home is available. The majority of booking software providers are specialised in booking solutions that are tailored to each industry. Other online booking-systems are multi-functional and cater to several sectors.

By leveraging our deep experience with the latest testing approaches, we provide wide range of testing services for booking systems.

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