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Testing is crucial for startups, especially those tech-first companies where their business depends on having an app that delivers on what they offer. A buggy non-stable app, with costly glitches that customers don’t trust, could negatively impact your startup and force your customers to leave. In turn, well-tested app, where bugs have been detected, localized and fixed early in order to deliver a seamless customer experience – that’s the difference between a startup that scales and one that could fall flat. We may distinct 5 reasons why testing is so important for startups: it improves quality, builds customer trust, protects your revenue, enables you scaling, accelerate sales.

Startup companies are usually made by young and business-motivated entrepreneurs who may have low business experience or low funding. Software testing may help them develop and rate business efficiency models before fully committing to it. Simply put, it’s a phase wherein entrepreneurs are free to research and experiment, giving them more insight into what path or technique would work best for their companies. This extensive research and testing allow entrepreneurs to minimize risks and explore new ways for advancement. Well-structured testing processes can make your business’ future, preventing it from customers outflow.

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