A company assists people by providing scientifically substantiated nutritional supplements that are tailored to the various operations and support them with the best possible personal service.

Testing type:
Functional, smoke
32 hours
1 manual QA engineer
Platforms and tools
Jira, Test flight, Slack, Adyen payment integration (dashboard)


Reactive Hive has been requested to design test documentation and perform several rounds of smoke testing for the Magento store. The store was featured by subscriptional products and payment integration which were the essentials. It contained 11 store views for different countries which had to be also checked. Our QA engineer was provided with the credentials to Jira for bug-tracking, ‘Test-fligh’t testing tool for tracking the test execution and Adyen payments dashboard as well.


First of all, we defined the main flows and the vital functionality for the website. As described by the dev team, there were payment integration and subscriptions for products. Secondly, a set of test cases was designed and the test suit was imported to the Test Flight. Then several rounds of smoke testing performed on demand using the predeveloped documentation. Accent was placed on recurring products ordering both from the front and backend(admin panel), synchronization with Adyen payment integration.


The task was resolved and the goal was reached. Several final smoke testing rounds performed before going to the release. 1st testing round uncovered a blocked issue for the main business process. The requestor received the ready-made test suite for smoke testing in the Test Flight tool. All critical issues and especially blockers found were immediately created in the bug-tracking system and the most prio of them were tackled by the hot-fixes on the fly. The testing dynamic was reflected in the Test Flight.